Hunting in NZ

November 27, 2014

To hunt on any land in New Zealand requires the permission of the landowner. On public conservation land, this permission is obtained by getting a hunting permit from DOC. For a comprehensive guide to New Zealand regulatory information, please visit and

Hunting permits

To go hunting on public conservation land in New Zealand, you need a DOC hunting permit. Each person within a hunting party must have a separate permit, whether hunting with a firearm, bow or knife. Permits cannot be transferred to, or be used by, anyone else.

DOC hunting permit areas are either open or restricted

Find open Hunting areas

You can get maps showing the location of the open areas as well as the special conditions that may apply in these areas. You can also apply for a permit.

Special conditions in open hunting areas

Special conditions may apply in some open hunting areas and the permit is only valid within the boundaries of the open hunting area. In some open areas the special conditions will state that the permit is not valid during busy times when the area is balloted or blocked.  In some areas the special conditions will require you to apply for a separate dog permit.

Open permit species

With an open area permit you can hunt pigs, goats, deer, wallabies, chamois and tahr.


You need both a licence and a permit to hunt gamebirds on any public conservation land in addition to the gamebird hunting licence issued by Fish and Game NZ. Gamebird hunting permits are for specific areas and periods and are issued only though the DOC office that administers that site.

Canada geese or feral geese: You need a small game hunting permit to hunt these birds.


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